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Audiometry Training with Virtual Patients
Autonomous Learning - Practice - Consolidation

Otis – the virtual patient simulates a range of complex hearing defects so that correct audiometry can be administered without having to burden a patient at all. The software intelligently and realistically simulates the behaviour of the patient and detects possible user errors immediately. The program guides the learner through the exercises at several levels of difficulty and provides useful help.

Otis shortens the time needed for training, as all types of hearing impairment can be simulated for audiometry testing at any time. In this way, proficiency in procedures can be improved, and the skills acquired can be put into practice significantly faster.

Using the program, experienced practitioners also have the opportunity to acquire routine in working with complex hearing impairments, thus decisively increasing client safety. The integration of autonomous learning concepts allows learners to work simply and efficiently wherever they are, and thus make best use of their time.

Otis – the virtual patient was developed in close cooperation with consultants at the University Hospital in Zurich, the Academy for Hearing Aid Acoustics in Lubeck and the Aston University in Birmingham. Otis does not just set completely new quality standards; it has also been extremely well received by experts. Its fundamental benefits compared with traditional methods have led to educational and training institutions, private hearing aid dispensaries, medical practices and hospitals throughout the world integrating it into their training and staff development programmes within a short time after the product launch.


  Otis users report...

Steve Hutt and Ron Anderson, Amplifon Professional Development Department, USA

"Otis can offer the student/trainee hands-on computer-based training in air conduction, bone conduction, and masking test exercises. Otis would be an excellent compliment to the student experience that includes appropriate testing of live clients. Exercises can be submitted online for evaluation by a mentor for evaluations of time and accuracy. Additional modules ask for short answer test reports. This training program is well designed and would be beneficial for most any beginning-level student in the hearing healthcare field."

Herbert Jakits, chartered audiologist, chief executive of a private hearing aid dispensary in Zurich, Switzerland

"The obvious benefits are that we can now make use of slack time to practise with Otis, and that staff can manage their own training whenever it is convenient or an opportunity presents itself."

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Second column: 
Otis - the virtual patient

February 2009
Spanish Version of Otis - the virtual patient

We are happy to announce that we have collaborated with Salesa Instituto Auditivo Espanol, S.A, the leading supplier of audiological equipment for the Spanish market, to produce a Spanish version of Otis - the virtual patient.