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At innoForce an interesting and creative opportunity awaits you to work in a young forward-looking team together with the chance to take charge of realising your own ideas. Even as an intern or a graduand you will be given a chance to implement your own projects.

We look forward to hearing from you at jobs [at] innoforce [dot] com

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Even if there is no suitable position advertised at present, we are still pleased to receive spontaneous applications. Clever and creative minds are always welcome here, and we would like to get to know them.

innoForce Team Members report...
Alexander Haid
Alexander Haid, B.Sc. Med. IT

"Firstly I find that the work atmosphere is really fine, and I feel very comfortable in the group. I like being able to work independently while at the same time getting the support and help that I need. The boss is very keen to see staff develop and really works at this."

Mark Hohlov
Mark Hohlov, Developer

"Work in innoForce is a constant pleasure, where the team experience and management approaches are perfectly balanced, and each member fully dedicates himself to the company success."

Mosi Mresse
Mosi Mresse, PD Dr., Strategic Adviser

"As an old hand and founding member of innoForce, I can safely say that none of us work at innoForce, neither do we work for innoForce. We are innoForce. ‘Inno‘ stands for innovation and ‘Force‘ is energy. We are the powerhouse behind the innovation in our company. This gives our team its energy – and provides us with a great deal of pleasure."

Dmitry Stepanov
Dmitry Stepanov, Developer

"I think I got lucky... Got lucky meeting these people. Together we work on global projects, challenging tasks, creative solutions, and we are always dedicated and passionate about the work we do. Forthcoming, friendly, collaborative, competitive, constantly improving. I'm glad I'm involved."

Stefan Wilhelm
Stefan Wilhelm, MBA, Marketing & Sales

"My daily work in the area of sales and marketing is both fascinating and challenging. We have an excellent corporate culture, and this in particular enables us to meet the challenges as a team."

Silvio Pflugi
Silvio Pflugi, B.Sc. IT

"As an intern, I wasn’t just given lovely jobs to do, but from the very start I was given responsibility and insight into all areas of the company’s work. This made the work not only very demanding, but also extremely exciting and varied. Since my internship I have been working part-time for the company, and really enjoy the degree of flexibility which I am afforded and appreciate the friendly and respectful atmosphere in the team."

Michaela Frick
Michaela Frick, B.Sc., Marketing & Sales

"What I particularly appreciate is the many-sided nature of the work. I have a business studies background, and here have the opportunity to gain an insight into all areas of the company’s work and thus to gather a wide range of experience. To benefit from this it is of course necessary to be able to 'think outside the box'."

Andreas Walser
Andreas Walser, Dipl.-Ing. Med. IT

"Working for innoforce is an exciting challenge. There is a fantastic atmosphere and working in a small team provides a wide range of tasks and also gives a very good insight into all the sections of the company."

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