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Flexible Integration

The program can be integrated with existing patient management systems, so that the statistical data can be called up directly from the PMS.
To keep to a minimum the work and costs involved in recording data, we provide various interfaces for automatically importing data:

  • Import of patients’ personal details
  • Audiogram import
  • Import of PDF-documents (e.g. dictated OR notes)

If you want the program adapted or to have additional functions, our development team will be happy to work out an optimal solution for your requirements.

Training and Support

When acquiring ENTstatistics, our customers not only receive an excellent program, but also the know-how to make optimum use of it. You can depend on the innoForce support team. We provide you with:

  • On-site staff training
  • Comprehensive product documentation
  • Maintenance and support
  • Statistical consulting
  • Hotline via telephone, e-mail and remote-desktop

Second column: 

David Lupp, IT Project Integration, Lucerne Canton Hospital

“From an IT point of view, the installation with innoForce was once again a pure pleasure. The software meets all our specifications without any reservations. Here, the principle that ‘size doesn’t matter’ has proved to be true once again. If this were always the case, we would save ourselves a great deal of time and trouble each time.”